Friday, March 28, 2008

Byte: You are gold, GOLD!

I'm quite enjoying the new patch that went live yesterday, as the new content has given me a fresh impetus to dust off Shareth, and do some questing with her again. The new Sunwell daily quests are quite profitable - I've made about 200 gold in the last two days - and that's not even counting the possible revenue from the quest reward items I've been able to stick in the auction house. Of course, it's going to take a few weeks yet (even at the rate of 100g+ a day) to be able to afford my epic flying mount training, but still, it represents more progress than I've made in the last two months. The release of the patch has been well-timed too, as my two main alts need to spend some time in Ironforge to recoup some rested state, which allows me to devote more time to Shareth.

Having the new laptop (which is performing wonderfully, by the way) is definitely speeding up my progress, both in terms of money grinding for my main and level grinding for my alts, as I can crack it out after Fleur has gone to bed and put in another hour or two before Morpheus calls. It's not so great for my sleeping patterns, but who needs sleep, eh? WIMPS and GIRLS, that's who... (Random interjection: One of my mantra's is that "waiting is a waste of life" - especially in queues - does the same apply to sleep? Thinking "not", but wondering if the answer is actually "yes"...)

WoW can be a cruel game, sometimes, though. Last night I was trying to solo a quest in Skettis, and basically, the game decided it wanted to make me it's bitch for twenty minutes. I constantly mobbed me three or four at a time with level 70-71 enemies, and killed me three times in the space of five minutes. Realising that I'm clearly not going to be able to kill off the other two Time-Lost Clerics in the 8 minutes I had left on my potion to be able to even see them, I decide to resurrect, repair my gear (by now the repair costs have outweighed the reward for the quest) and fly off to Shadowmoon Valley to quest there instead. Only to find that there's a fully PvP-epic'ed Tauren Druid camping in the hills I'm flying over, who promptly ganks me while I'm in Flight Form. I can't even run, because he's fucking got Epic flight form and is faster than me. So I switch out of flight form in mid-air, dying on landing, just to not give him the satisfaction of earning any honour (but costing me another 5 gold in repair bills). I rezz again, go to the nearest inn to log off and then play with one of my alts... Sometimes, you've got to know when to it's time to stop beating your brains out against the wall and just do something more fun.

"Fun", of course, being a relative term. While I understand why people would want to use bots for money grinding and levelling characters, but for me it would just totally miss the point of buying the game in the first place. If you don't have a few hundred hours to level a character up from level 1 to 70, perhaps you're playing the wrong game? Having a bot (or worse, paying someone else to do it for you) completely devalues any sense of achievement you would otherwise get from doing it yourself. Buying success isn't the same as getting success through hard work. It might initially taste the same, but the aftertaste leaves something a little sour in the mouth. Just ask any Chelsea fan...
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