Monday, March 17, 2008

Byte: Warning Signs

I'm in a little bit of a dangerous mood at the moment. Not dangerous in the sense that I'm going to go out into the street with a sword and start cleaving people in two, but in the sense that I've got a little too much spare cash sitting in my pocket, and I want a new toy to spend it on... I received my annual bonus last week (after the blinking taxman took his bite, naturally), and I think it's fair to say that I've never had so much money in my bank account. Which is quite a scary thought, since it's not actually a huge amount of money, just a whole lot better than the overdraft I've been living with since I was a student... The sensible thing to do in this economic climate would be to punt the money into paying off the credit card, but who wants to be sensible when there are so many gorgeous tech-toys to be had?

I almost came back to my desk at lunch with a shiny new PSP and a copy of Patapon (damn you, Oskar - in the nicest possible way, of course - for telling me about it this morning, because it really looks intriguing). I did manage to resist, barely, purely because there's feck all else worth buying a PSP for - even if it a very shiny and lovely piece of technology. I also put serious thought into a new wireless router at lunch, as the one I currently have is no longer supported by D-Link, and has never worked with my Wii or DS, and is now constantly playing up with my PC as well. I have a feeling that I will be coming into possession of a nice new Netgear wireless modem router before the week is out, because I'm frankly sick of having to reboot the router by pulling the power cable out whenever I want to go on the 'net - since normal software reboots through the admin interface don't do the blindest bit of good anymore when the connection drops. It is four or five years old, so I guess I got my money's worth from it, but it is more of a source of annoyance than anything, these days.

I'm also toying with the idea of acquiring a new laptop. Medion are selling some corking laptops for £499 these days, which is about the budget I'm looking at. I don't want anything too fancy - just something that's wireless enabled, with a dual core CPU and dedicated graphics that will give me a decent framerate on WoW whenever I can't get to my games rig - and also something I can use for word processing and the like when I'm on the move. My old xubuntu laptop is fine for bog standard surfing and writing, but it's so slow, I'm probably going to reformat it and use it with a really old operating system (Win95 or 98) as a retro gaming platform - that's if I keep it at all, since the battery is pretty badly shot.

The final possibility to sooth my tech-buying urge is a 360 Elite, since my buddy Charles put Xbox Media Centre on my trusty old Xbrick, turning it from an aging games console into an all-singing, all-dancing upscaling DVD player and an aging games console that now outputs game video in 720p... meaning that not only do all my Xbox games look pretty awesome now, but also that I can get rid of my old cheapo DVD player, which I bought from ASDA for less than £30 six years ago, freeing up space in the TV cabinet for another console. And I do really want to get my hands on Project Gotham 4 and Mass Effect (though I might see what the reviews of the PC version are like before splashing out on that).

But decisions, decisions... which to buy? Oh, it's torment, I tells ya. Though not quite as bad as being stone cold broke and not having anything to spend at all, naturally - and no, I'm not giving you the money to spend instead. NOT HAPPENING...
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