Thursday, March 27, 2008

Byte: Further progress

In the continuing absence of anything decent to play (well, that's not true - I've still not played much of Super Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes or Sins of A Solar Empire yet), I've been plugging more hours into WoW, and frankly, been making rather hideous amounts of progress. Yonn, my Hunter, is almost within touching distance of Outland now, as he's midway to level 55. I reckon another week or two, and he'll be knocking on the door of level 60. Kalandra, my Mage, is also levelling nicely, as I've taken her up four levels within the last week or so, and will probably hit level 33 sometime later tonight.

Of course, the new Sunwell patch has opened up a new quest hub that I need to get Shareth to, as I'm still several thousand gold short of being able to afford the training for my Epic Flying Mount (which has been waiting for me in the Bank now for several months). I still can't really face just sitting down and grinding the money, I'd much rather quest for it instead, and now that I've found a decent guild who are just starting out in Outland, this will actually give me the opportunity to go back and do a lot of the instances I skipped the first time around, which should be a decent enough source of gold. Of course, with the impending arrival of the new expansion pack (still no word on a confirmed release date yet, but surely soon), any instancing and raiding could soon be put on the back burner as I go for the new level cap, and the quest rewards in Northrend will surely render anything I attempt to go grinding in Outland for now utterly useless, so I might just wait and put time into my alts instead. We shall see...
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