Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bark/Byte: Captain Sensible

Sigh. I know that in the current financial climate, offloading debt is a very sensible thing to do, but somehow, spending your annual bonus entirely on reducing your debts by near-as-dammit 30% isn't quite as satisfying as spending it on a new laptop...

It is the best thing in the long run, I know, and I hope to be entirely debt-free by the end of the year (the mortgage doesn't count, since that equates to the cost of rent anyway), but... well, it's just not glam, is it?

As always, it's a case of *I need* being more boring than *I want*, but at least since I finished paying off the car last year, I do have a fair bit more spare cash floating around, so at least the debt-servicing hasn't stopped me from ordering a copy of Super Mario Galaxy from Play and renewing my WoW subscription for another three months. Yeah, I know, I'm still hooked. Yonn is up to level 51 now, and I've even found him and Shareth a nice, casual-friendly guild, which I basically accepted a membership of on the strength of the name/pun alone. Quite scarily, since I'm one of the only level 70s in the guild, they've even given me POWER. Surely this will end in tears... only kidding, as they all seem like quite a nice bunch so far.

I've also put another level on my mage and rogue (27 and 23 respectively), so things are going pretty nicely on Azeroth at the moment. Anyway, it's lunchtime, and I'm working from home. That must mean that Yonn's going to come out to play for an hour... ah, the joys of home-working!
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