Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Byte: Dethroned

I think other people are starting to get wise to the fact that if you want to stand a chance of topping the Global charts on Audiosurf, you have to play with the Casual characters, because I've had half a dozen "Dethroned!" emails from the Audiosurf scoreboards in the last two days alone... In one way I'm pleased, because it means that people are playing the game - and that's good, because it really is one of the best things to hit the PC since, well... ever; though I will be somewhat miffed if someone comes along and knocks me off the top for Anthem by Moby (and I realise by saying that, all the people reading this will now try to), because I really put a lot into this one, and a score of 200,000+ with the Casual Mono character is pretty decent going, thinks I. Seventeen hours played in the last two weeks tells you that I'm really enjoying it. I'm probably going to start playing with the Ironmode to push those Casual scores up even further, only then will I start putting time into the Pro and Elite difficulties, which I have played with, I'm just still at the stage where I'm playing to enjoy the ride, rather than chase high scores for the sake of chasing high scores. If you're still a bit fuzzy on the whole concept of Audiosurf, it's probably best if you go to youtube and find a song you like in the list, sit back and enjoy. I do find it mildly worrying that people are Audiosurfing Rick Astley, but a bit of Franz Ferdinand works well, though.

In other gaming news, in lieu of any other decent RPGs out there at the moment, I'm plugging yet more of my life into WoW. I rolled a Rogue a few days ago, and we're getting on quite well. Eighteen levels in as many hours, mainly gained yesterday, as I was off work and didn't have anything better to do. I originally wanted a Rogue to open all those damned Eternium Lockboxes my main has stashed in the bank, but then I found out that the Rogue's Lockpicking skill is tied to their level, so it's going to take a very long time to get up to the skill level required to open the bloody things. Still, some of them have been in the bank for more than a year, so I guess they can wait another year...

I'm beginning to understand why people like playing with Rogues, though - they're desperately overpowered, even more so than a Druid in Dire Bear form. Two mobs at your character level are no problem at all: sneak in, Sap one to stun them for twenty-odd seconds, then garotte and hack the other one to death. By the time you've killed the first mob, you should still have a couple of seconds to get ready for the other one. They're pretty good fun. Also, the Sneak ability, like the Druid's Prowl in Cat form, is fantastic for avoiding getting mobbed by multiple enemies, particularly if they're a level or two above you. I think it will be a bit of a race to see who gets to Outland first: my new Rogue Corleth, or my long-term primary alt, Yonn - a Hunter now up to the heady heights of level 46. With a full 28 level head-start, you'd think Yonn would be a shoe-in, but this is my playing process we're talking about here. My brain does not always opt to do the rational thing... I'm betting that the tricky 20-30 spell is going to be a whole lot easier (not to mention quicker) when I can sneak around and take people's heads off with Garotte or nail half their hitpoints with a sneak Ambush... and having spent most of my time with my Druid in Cat form, it's not like I'm not already familiar with the Rogue playing style. So it's going to be a fairly close run thing, I would think. Though I'll probably change my mind in a couple of weeks and rush Yonn through to level 58 so I can replay Outland... My brain's like a Chaos Generator sometimes.
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