Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bark: The times, they are a changin'

I don't tend to blog about work, for reasons which should be obvious enough, but today was my last day on the project I've worked on for the last year - a project that I've immensely enjoyed on the whole - and the circumstances in which it ended were not of my choice or even anticipated by the project management, so I'm feeling a little lost at the moment.

Change can be a deeply scary thing, especially where work is concerned, but at least when you work for the kind of company that I do, something interesting is bound to present itself. As long as my next role involves me having minions, I'll be happy...

Change can also be a positive thing, however, and this week, despite it mostly being a complete clusterfuck, I did get some good news: I got a confirmation that the beginners Kendo course I've been wanting to go on for the last six months has finally been arranged, and I have a confirmed place on it - which is the kind of positive change I've been wanting to make for quite a while now. It's all too easy to make excuses to avoid the gym, but going on a martial arts course is the kind of thing that's guaranteed to get you out of the house. Kendo's my kind of martial art: shouting a lot and hitting people with sticks... what's not to like?

Of course, it's a bit more involved than that, and a lot of my interest does derive from a more general fascination with Oriental culture. My oldest friend is a Tae-Kwon-Do black belt, who recommended that I should definitely give Kendo a try - it's quite a vigorous sport, but doesn't require the flexibility of Karate or the other hand-to-hand martial arts. I've got good hand-eye coordination and I'm fairly fleet of foot for someone my size, so I'm looking forward to it immensely. Whether I'll take it beyond the initial course remains to be seen, and I truly doubt that I'll ever get up to competition standard, but hopefully it will be a catalyst for making me a bit more active, and will help me lose a bit more of the excess poundage I've acquired since adopting the sedentary lifestyle of a professional code monkey. So while changing projects at work makes me feel a little apprehensive, this is the kind of change I can really anticipate with some glee.

Change then... it's something that you've got to embrace - it's less traumatic when you throw yourself into it willingly. Though at least I get to put it all off for a week by going on holiday... after all, there's no sense in rushing things, is there?
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