Monday, January 21, 2008

Byte: Free doesn't necessarily mean free

EA announce a new online shooter in the Battlefield series, Battlefield Heroes, a free-to-play online shooter with low minimum specs and a cartoon-look that's absolutely nothing like Team Fortress 2 at all.

Of course, by "free" they mean that the game browser interface will be ad-ridden filth and that if you want your character to look like it hasn't walked out of a cloning facility, you're going to have to make "micro-payments" to stand out from the crowd. I'd also be very surprised if they don't put in other "micro-payments" later on so you can unlock better weapons by buying them instead of unlocking them through persistence and skill, giving people with money to throw at the game an edge over those who don't, no doubt sucking all the fun out of the game. But hey, if this is the way EA what to run their business, fair play to them. Just don't expect me to play it.

But what really tickled me is the claim that Battlefield Heroes will run "on grandma's laptop". I'd like to test that claim... My grandma's been dead for fifteen years.

EA Games: powered by the souls of the dead and the damned!
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