Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Byte: Finally, a post about games

Readers of my last Byte will know that I've been taking advantage of the post-Christmas lull to give second chances to some of the more neglected games in my increasingly huge collection.

I completed Freedom Wings on DS last night, though that probably says more about my current levels of existential boredom than the quality of the game. Having played through the whole game, I'd still only probably give it a 6/10, though a "high" one. It's a pleasant enough diversion for a dozen hours or so, but it's got too many flaws to really warrant a replay. Still, for twenty-odd dollars, I certainly got the bang for my buck, so to speak. Next up on DS I'll be going back to play Metroid Prime: Hunters, which I enjoyed on the whole first time around, but the control method almost gave me premature arthritis after a couple of levels...

I'm still plugging away with my Horde characters on Laggerspine (it should be Daggerspine, but the server lags out worse than a well-insulated loft, so that's what most people in General Chat call it). Aeriwyn has hit the magic Level 30 barrier, and I'm making solid progress with Ushgarak, my Tauren Druid, who's up to Level 16. I've not made it nearly this far into the game with Horde characters before, so it's a pretty novel experience, if such a thing can be said for a game I've been playing for the best part of three years now. Of course, it is a little bit of a pain not having any Gold on a mature server, where practically the whole population has at least one Level 70 (and therefore the prices in the Auction House are extortionate), but there's not much I can do about it, so there's not much sense in complaining about it.

I haven't put much time into Forza lately, but I'm determined to stick with it. Though I might try and dig around the fan sites to try and find some good car setups. I don't have so much time to play these days, so I can't be bothered wasting half of it tweaking with setups when the donkey work has already been done and documented elsewhere. As House would say, work smart, not harder... I'll probably have to do some fine-tuning anyway, but getting the basics right without hours of fapping around will probably help boost the enjoyment factor.

Beyond that, I've invested in a second controller for my Wii, so I'll be trying to persuade my girlfriend to indulge me in a bit of Excite Truck split-screen, under the pretense that it's a little more intuitive than PGR2 in helping her motor skills get ready for driving lessons. No, I'm not sure that argument is going to work either... but if Fleur won't play me, I'm sure my next door neighbour Richard will.

Finally, Velociraptor Off-Road Safari is Teh Shits. If you're not down with the street slang, that means it's good, dawg.
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