Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bark: Ten yards a minute

That's the speed my morning started at today. I should have took it as a bad sign when I was woken up by half a dozen wailing police sirens. There was a huge accident on the main road just off the estate I live on. Obviously, I only saw the aftermath, since I was still in bed at the time the accident happened, but it looked nasty.

It looked like one car collected another as it was coming out of a T-junction, where the cross of the 'T' is a 60mph B-road, resulting in one car ending up in the trees opposite the exit of the junction and the other car looking like Godzilla had stomped on the bonnet. It's an evil little junction I try not to use, because visibility isn't great if you're trying to turn out of it. In one direction there's a hidden dip that restricts your visibility in the direction cars are travelling fastest from, and the other direction has a very sharp turn you can't see around, and cars typically come flying around there at 50-60mph, despite the fact the council put in those electronic warning signs that tell you there's a junction around the corner if you're doing more than 40mph.

I've no idea whose fault the accident was, but there was an ambulance leaving the scene and four police cars on site as I joined the road at the next junction down, so it must have been pretty serious. Not the way to start your morning, really.
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