Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bark: Oh yeah...

...and while I'm in a ranting mood, binmen can fuck off and die, too.

They seem to resent the fact I took the trouble to buy a black, outdoor bin, so not content with flinging the bin lid a thousand yards every time they come to pick up the rubbish, last week they decided to smash the hell out of it as well, breaking off huge chunks of plastic and rendering it otherwise pretty useless. But when they came to collect the rubbish this morning, not only couldn't they be bothered actually taking our bin bags away, they actually PUT RUBBISH THAT WASN'T EVEN OURS INTO THE BIN and (for once) carefully replaced the (now fractured and tattered) lid instead of frisbeeing it across the courtyard.

Is it really too much to expect people to do their job properly these days?
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