Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bark: Oh, that's aggravatin'

As I suspected, the washer/dryer is borked. The technician who came around this morning, bless him, tried everything. The error codes seemed to indicate that there was a problem with the pressure valve, so he replaced that. Nope. Didn't fix it. So then he thought, maybe it's a problem with the ROM module that holds all the program information for wash times, etc. So he re-flashed it from his diagnostic laptop. Nope. Still not co-operating. So he replaced it entirely with a new module. Nope! Still borked. The last thing it could possibly be then is the program control board, but we have to order that part in; meaning another week without a washing machine. Great. At least the whole thing is still under warranty...

In the good news department, at least the car passed it's MOT without needing a whole load of work done. The rear brake pads and the pollen filter needed replacing, but that's just normal wear and tear. I do need to get the coupé to a body shop in the next month or two, though, as there's a little bit of rust bubbling up under the paint at the bottom of the driver's side door sill. Hopefully that won't cost too much to put right, and the car could do with respraying anyway - the number of scratches I've put in the paintwork over the last five years. That's where next month's disposable income is going to go, methinks.
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