Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bark: Not impressed

Hold onto your butts. Rant incoming.

I'm working from home this morning, because I was expecting an engineer to look at my washer-dryer first thing today. Except, he's not deigned to turn up. I told the phone operator specifically that "earlier was better", took the 8am-10am slot and arranged to work from home while he was here. So for him not to turn up is just ridiculous - it's bad enough that a £320 appliance should go tits-up in six months, but if the engineers can't be bothered to come around and fix the problem... great "customer service", guys.

I will never buy British "white goods" ever again. Hotpoint can go fuck themselves. They're about to get a very irate phone call, demanding that they take their piece of cheap shit out of my house and I'll have a refund to go with that, thank you very much. I know that washer-dryers are inherently more unreliable than separate units, but I live in a one-bed flat. I don't have room for a separate washer and a dryer. And I expect that if I spend over three hundred quid on something, I should be able to use it for more than thirty times before it decides to stop working. "Not impressed" would be an understatement at this point.

Next time I'm buying German. Or failing that, I'm going to pick up a 20 year old washer-dryer off eBay, because at least they made electronics built to last in those days...
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