Sunday, December 02, 2007

Byte: Knowing your readership

One of the things I like best about having this blog is being able to check the search keywords that people have used to arrive at the site. They often range from the banal to the bizarre, and occasionally the anguished cry for help; none more so than this search string that brought a user from Portland, Oregon to my humble cranny of the internet yesterday:
terror from the deep.. the last fucking alien where is he?
I feel your pain, my American friend...

The answer is that he's hiding. As you've killed all of his brethren, his morale has dropped so low that he's panicked and is staying put (which means you can't detect the little bastard with motion trackers). The only way to find him is to do a methodical sweep through the entire map, or just get your crew behind cover and wait for the twenty turns or so it will take for him to recover enough of a spine to poke his slimy alien arse out of whichever hole it's been cowering in for the last hour. Your only consolation is that by this point he's probably dropped his weapon, so isn't really going to be a threat to your squad. He's just a time-wasting pain in the bum.
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