Friday, November 30, 2007

Bark: The moral of the story

Never, ever, have a really good weekend... Why?


I've been suffering all week with a flu-like running nose (my nose has done several marathons today already), headaches and a very irritating recurrent cough, which has been preventing me from eating and sleeping (and also, working - but I'm not complaining so much about that) for the last few days. I started coughing up phlegm yesterday, which you would think is a sign of progress, but unfortunately it hasn't really improved matters, and the coughing has been accompanied by that feeling you get at the back of your throat whenever you've had some loose tea, and a tiny little leaf or twig fragment has gotten stuck in your craw. Annoying for five or ten minutes, yeah... try having that feeling for FOUR DAYS.

My manager at work thinks it's tonsillitis, and I'm inclined to agree with her. It's definitely swollen and painful back there, and I think I clawed out a tonsillolith last night, though I clearly didn't get rid of all of it, as I've still got that "something's stuck in your throat" feeling.

I'm off to the doctor in about 10 minutes, so hopefully they can sort me out, because this just isn't fun any more...

Just got back from the doctor's surgery, with a truckload of drugs.

We had a mild disagreement about the diagnosis, as he thinks I've got a rather virulent case of viral pharyngitis, though I managed to persuade him to prescribe me some penicillin, just in case things don't improve in the next day or two, and the problem happens to be bacterial, rather than viral. House-like, I still think it's an infection, rather than a virus, or possibly even both (no reason why there should only just be ONE thing wrong with me, right?), but I'm going to take the doc's advice and give it another day or two until I start taking the antibiotics (since if it is only just a virus, antibiotics won't do the slightest thing to help anyway), and just take a few ibuprofen to reduce the swelling in my throat and dull the pain a little...

Anyway, fingers crossed the road to recovery starts here, and that my girlfriend won't strangle me tonight for making her miss too many nights of sleep. Time will tell who's right, and at least I do have the option of taking the antibiotics if I need them... right, back to bed for me, I think...
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