Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bark: Brownie Points +1,000,000

The new TV had its desired effect when my girlfriend got home tonight. She gasped the second she saw it, and stood there dumbfounded for about five minutes. In twelve years, I don't think I've actually ever seen her literally speechless before.

It is a spectacularly gorgeous bit of kit, though. Not a single dead pixel, either. It's just a little unfortunate that our TV aerial, which is shared with the flat above us (as we're in a block of flats) is slightly misaligned, so our TV reception isn't perfect - but at least we can pick up Film4 properly now, and the in-built signal amplifier means that the reception is a little bit better than before. It's the quality of the DVD playback where it really shines, though.

I tried out a couple of the major action scenes in Revenge of the Sith, and it's absolutely awesome. I get the feeling we're going to be watching rather more films now. I just need to pick up a HDMI lead for the Wii, and then I can really make a start with Metroid Prime 3. I might also replace the Xbox with a 360 come my birthday in January as well. Though that might depend on the car, as it needs an MOT, road taxing and a service in the next few months... and do you remember what I said yesterday about wanting to buy the TV *now* so something else didn't just swallow up the money instead?

Well, as I was dropping the old TV off at the recycling centre, the battery in the car gave up the ghost. So when I did my civic duty and was socially and environmentally conscious about not just smashing the thing to bits or kicking it out of the door of my car (à la Vincent Hanna in Heat), I went to restart the car, turned the key in the ignition and... nothing. Dead as a proverbial Dodo. That's the last time I fucking do any recycling, thinks I. Though I can't complain too much, five years and 68,000 miles isn't bad for a car battery, and after all, this is why I'm an AA member. That's the breakdown people, not Alcoholics Anonymous... £77 pounds later - just as well I'd bought the TV the previous day, otherwise I might have gotten all sensible and put it off for another few months. And where would be the fun in that?

Right, I'm off to watch Heroes in 32 inches of super-ace-widescreen-o-vision.
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