Friday, October 26, 2007

Byte: Your last meal

I've had a much keener sense of my own mortality this week, thanks to my digestive system mounting an insurgency of epic proportions against my governing body, so as I was playing Mask of the Betrayer last night (a game with it's own obsessions around death and mortality - namely a plot based around Kelemvor, God of The Dead), I got to thinking "I hope this dross isn't the last thing I ever play."

Yes, unfortunately, Mask of the Betrayer isn't doing much to endear itself to me. The game keeps crashing at inopportune moments, the camera makes combat desperately hard to manage - especially on the monochrome Shadow Plane where characters are indistinguishable from each other if they get too close, and where holding down the button to highlight selectable characters and objects simply causes a whiteout where you can't see anything at all in the mass of limbs. And the less said about the GUI the better. It would be okay if the AI was any cop, but that's rubbish, too. I was trying to fight a group of thieves in Shadow Mulsantir, and after my party decided it was going to stand in a bottleneck so that no-one could move, my NPCs just stood there like lemons getting hacked to pieces by sneak attacks, because the crappy camera made it impossible for my one melee character to find and attack the rogues merrily grinding my party into kibble. So after about the fifth attempt (and the second system crash caused by me trying to switch character members in the middle of the battle), I reasoned, "Fuck this for a game of soldiers, I'm going to reboot and play Portal."

Which all sparked a bit of a puzzle: Say you knew for certain that you had six hours to live, and you could only play one game. What would it be? (And I mean a videogame, not "hide the sausage with the supermodel"...)

So, readers, some suggestions, please.
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