Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Byte: It's just like the buses

I go six months without any review copies at all, and then two come along at once... admittedly, the gap between arrivals has mainly been through my choice (unlike the London buses), mainly thanks to work, but it is nice to get back into writing "properly" again - if you can call games journalism "proper" writing, that is (and I do).

The games in question are Race 07, which (somewhat unsurprisingly) is a car racing game from the same stable as the brilliant GTR2. I have the first Race game, and rather enjoyed it, as the cars are somewhat more controllable, since they don't have stupendous amounts of horsepower under the bonnet. The hook for this year's version is that they've got a couple of extra classes of car (beyond the WTCC cars), what include Formula 3000 and Formula BMW single-seaters. They're essentially a poor man's Formula One car, but they're known for very close racing, so should be a lot of fun.

The second game, however, takes rather higher priority over Race 07, as I've been intrigued by it since I started hearing good rumblings about it at last year's Game Convention in Leipzig. The game in question is The Witcher.

I've not played too much of it so far (a couple of hours' worth), but my first impressions are that it's really rather good. And judging from the names of the movie files in the game resource directory, your character can have no less than 24 sexual encounters. Which is an impressive statistic in itself. The engine is also very nice (a much better revamping of the Aurora engine than Obsidian's effort) and combat is a little different from your typical RPG. I'm looking forward to playing more tonight. I'll post the link to the review when it's up, naturally.
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