Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Byte: Destined... to hit middle-age before being able to play the game.

Oh gods. Since I've not played Neverwinter Nights 2 for a while, thanks to the STUPID BUG THAT FORCES YOU PATCH THE GAME BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN INSTALL IT, I've had to download four incremental patches (totalling around 160MB - I'm not sure what that is in Peggles) for the game before I can even get the DVD in the drive. And, of course, the updater has to download and install all the patches separately, rather than just downloading a single all-in-one patch...

No. That would be too easy.

And Windows Update is determined to reboot the computer in the middle of each download, so rather than letting the updater programme do its thing and going away to do something productive - like make dinner - instead I have to sit uselessly by the PC to preempt and cancel any reboot before Windows decides I can't think for myself and makes the decision for me.

I hate this game already, and I haven't even installed it yet... This does not bode well.
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