Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Byte: Destined... to be disappointed?

Neverwinter Nights 2 might have reviewed pretty well in most places, but thanks to a whole host of technical problems (and a few other annoyances) I didn't reckon it was *all that*.

So why the heck did I go out at lunch and buy it's expansion pack? Well, clearly, I'm a sucker for Forgotten Realms RPGs. I haven't seen much hype about Mask of the Betrayer, and it's hit the streets before I've seen any reviews go up anywhere, which is probably a bad sign - but on the plus side, it is set in Rasheman, so hopefully we'll get a cameo from Minsc, assuming he's finished his dajemma by now. I will follow the ridiculous pre-play patch procedure (thanks for telling me about that one, RPS) tonight and no doubt report back tomorrow on how Obsidian are turning into Troika by continually releasing games that ought to be brilliant but are blighted so badly by bugs that they'll eventually go bankrupt when people stop buying their games through bad word of mouth...

In other news, this chap is my new hero, and goes straight in (alphabetically) at number two on my favourite people list. Watch this and his other reviews to find out why.
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