Monday, October 22, 2007

Bark: Well, I wasn't expecting that....

Of all the miserable sporting failures by Englishmen this weekend, the one I hadn't been really expecting was Kimi Raikkonen winning the Formula One World Championship this weekend. I had thought there would be a possibility of Hamilton not winning, but I expected Alonso to clean up and take the title - so for Kimi to get it instead, despite being disappointed for Hamilton, I was rather pleased. Alonso has really gone down in my estimation this year, more due to his conduct off the track than on it.

Of course, being Formula One, when I checked in on the BBC Sport website, there had to be a twist in the tale... I really hope that McLaren drop their appeal - it would be an absolute farce if the world championship got decided in the court room, rather than on the track. In simple terms of maths, Kimi got 6 race wins, Lewis got 4, so I think he fully deserves the title on merit. There's no doubt that Hamilton has had an amazing debut season. I've been watching Formula One since 1987, and I can't remember a more impressive Rookie. He'll be in the hunt for the title next season, definitely, and after now that he knows he can really cut it with the very best, he'll be even hungrier to get the title. I'm really delighted for Raikkonen, though, as he's an old school driver who's just plain FAST. Some of the maneuvers he was pulling off in the wet at Fuji were simply awesome. It would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions if he were denied the title due to a technicality. And after the best F1 season in years, I don't think anyone wants that.
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