Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bark: Eastern Promises

I've always passingly liked David Cronenberg's movies, but it was until I saw A History of Violence that I really enjoyed one of his film beyond a schlock level. So when Fleur saw that his new film, Eastern Promises was on in Guildford, we wasted no time in booking it. After all, Fleur has the hots for Viggo Mortensen, and I rather like Naomi Watts, so what's not to like, eh?

The film sets its stall out very early, and Cronenberg's expert eye for the gruesome certainly remains undimmed. Like A History of Violence, there's actually isn't that much violence in the film, but that simply makes what there is hit harder and really shock. The two films are actually quite similar in a lot of ways, as Mortensen's character is more than what he initially seems - though I won't say more than that. The characters themselves are very nicely handled, and the acting is first-rate throughout.

So if you're stuck for something to do, it's well worth seeing.
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