Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bark: Architects of their own destruction

I'm drowning my sorrows in the aftermath of an abject Scotland display in their Rugby World Cup quarter final.

Scotland were about as exciting as a Gordon Brown speech on inflationary pressures in the economy - at least for about 65 minutes, whereupon they actually remembered that they were allowed to run the ball, not just keep kicking it away. To be fair, neither side really played very well - but Argentina took their chances, while Scotland didn't. If anything, Scotland probably had more of the game, but gave away a try and kept giving away unnecessary lineouts by fumbling catches from garryowen kicks. Sean Lamont played like a numpty, and his brother Rory didn't do much better, either, and it wasn't a surprise to see the latter replaced, unfortunately far too late in the game.

Scotland did actually look half decent with the ball in hand, but by the time they started to play, they had too much to do. They also kicked away a decent chance for a try with a few minutes to go, so while being predictably disappointed by Scotland's lack of a cutting edge, I can't really have too many complaints about the loss. The Pumas' half-backs ran the game much better than ours did, but if they play like that next week, I can't see that they'll really pose too much trouble for the Springboks. Hey, well. At least we did better than the Welsh... not that I have anything against the Welsh in particular - it's just Celtic rivalry... and if I'm after real schadenfreude, it could be worse... I could be a Kiwi or an Aussie right now.
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