Monday, September 03, 2007

Byte: Twenty-Four

No, nothing to do with Jack Bauer... I am referring to how many hours it took me to get another heroic (ex-)government agent to save the world.

Yes, after no less than seven years, I've finally gotten around to finishing Deus Ex. Now I remember why I usually never, ever complete games. Oddly anti-climatic is probably the best way I can describe it. I chose the Helios "Benevolent Dictator" ending, because a) that's the way I'd be naturally inclined anyway, if I were J.C. and b) because it's considerably quicker and less annoying than the other two endings.

It does take some chops to end a game with a cutscene and quote Voltaire at you, but it was a curiously open ending. I didn't replay the whole thing - I dug out four year old save game in the MJ12 Ocean Lab and replayed the last couple of levels on Sunday night. The end game turned out to be fairly ridiculously easy, partly due to me using the experience point exploit if you talk to Gary Savage with a full inventory after you destroy the Universal Constructor in the bottom of the Ocean Lab to boost all my combat skills from Advanced to Master, but mainly because I'd spent the whole game hoarding high explosives. Large Karkians? No problem: LAM trap! Huge SpiderBot or Patrol Droid? Have a GEP Rocket! Walton Simons? Eat 20mm Explosive Assault Rifle Grenade! With that and the Ballistic Shield and Regeneration mods, I pretty much strolled through the last hour or two of the game with nary a scratch.

Still, at least it's one less game I have to feel guilty about not finishing. And it does have one of the best lines in a game, ever:

"I spill my drink!"
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