Friday, September 07, 2007

Byte: Some people just can't take a hint

I spent a couple of hours in Netherstorm last night, soloing a half a dozen or so quests to raise some much-needed cash for my epic flying mount fund. I'm quite happily bashing elementals and Blood Elves when I get a whisper from one of the chaps on my Friends list. He's a mid-60s level Rogue who I met once in Zangarmarsh when I was grinding Primal Life to make a Living Crystal Breastplate for my healing gear, and I helped him out getting some Unidentified Plant Parts to kick start his reputation grind with the Cenarion Expedition, and suddenly it appears I'm his best friend for life.

I say this because on the basis of less than an hour's play together, he thinks we're such best buddies that I'll "lend" him 130 gold to buy his epic (non-flying) mount. Yeah, right, thinks I. Fools and their money and all that. So I politely suggest that he'd get a better sense of satisfaction if he got the money for himself. After all, raising a hundred gold in Outland is a matter of a few hours work.

"But I'm sick of grinding" he says. I remain profoundly unmoved. That's his fault for grinding so much. So I say, "sorry, but I'm not exactly rolling in cash here myself" - I've got less than 1000 gold and I need every copper I've got for my epic flying mount, because I've still got another 4150 gold to raise. Somehow.

"Pliz, pliz[sic] trust me, you'll get it back in a couple of days" he replies, and I'm starting to get annoyed. I explain to him that I'm firstly not an idiot who gives out large sums of cash to almost complete strangers and that secondly I'm a highly cynical person - I have absolutely no faith that if I ever send that money that I'd ever get it back. Now, if it was someone I'd been playing with for the last two years, or one my guild mates, I wouldn't have had any qualms - I might even have given it without the expectation of getting it back - but giving 130 gold to someone on the basis I've played with them once? No fucking way.

For the next ten minutes this to-and-fro keeps going on. He's using the tried and tested Bart and Lisa Simpson "canwehaveapooldadcanwehaveapooldadcanwehaveapooldad?" technique of pestering repeatedly until the person caves out of sheer exasperation. But I'm no Homer. Despite what the size of my beer gut might lead you to believe... I'm really starting to get pissed off now. So I say "I'm not known for changing my mind. So stop asking. Please." as I'm still trying to at least maintain a polite facade. But does he take the hint and change the subject? Of course not.

This has been going on for nearly half an hour now, and he's still battering away. As most people who remotely know me by now will know, I'm not a person overly-endowed in the patience department. So I give him one final warning. "Dude. If you ask me again, I will put you on ignore."

"Heh, sorry, LOL" he says, and I think maybe I've finally gotten through to him.
"Can you lend me 30g?" Oh my. Welcome to Ignoresville, population you.

IGNORED. TAKEN OFF FRIENDS LIST. I continue my evening's questing in blessed peace and quiet. Hell may be other people, but at least in World of Warcraft you can filter them out...
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