Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Byte: A novel interviewing technique

Doing my daily morning round up of the big games websites this morning when this caught my eye.
The tag line on the front page was "On Hellgate, Diablo and Lewisham." and I immediately thought, "oh, I know who wrote this." before I even clicked on the link.

Sure enough, it was Ellie from Gamesindustry.biz. I've had the pleasure of meeting Ellie a couple of times on jollies to Normandy and Leipzig last year, and she's a real games journalist's games journalist: knowledgeable, charming and a thoroughly nice person, plus a talented writer, to boot. The article comments are rather amusing - mainly because most of the people don't know that Ellie is from Lewisham, which is why she rather gratuitously puts in references to it in any article where she can conceivably get away with it (and even a few where she can't).

I love the reaction from the guy from Flagship when asked about a Lewisham expansion pack: "We'd love to go down there." Clearly, he's never been to Lewisham...
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