Friday, September 07, 2007

Bark: Crime and Rehabilitation

Yet another reason why Norway is awesome.
"Convicts at a remote Norwegian prison are striving to save the planet while serving time. From its peaceful island location, lapped by fjord waters, the Bastoey prison aims to become a beacon for environmentally friendly incarceration. Inmates at the minimum-security facility have been recycling their rubbish and installing solar panels to shrink their carbon footprint."
Of course, this kind of thing would never work in the UK, where the prevalent attitude towards criminals is "lock 'em up and throw away the key".

I seriously doubt you'd get quotes like this from a UK Prison Officer:
Some prisoners at Bastoey have been unwilling to leave at the end of their sentences, Ms Smith says. "Their sentences might have been reduced for good behaviour - but they will then apply to serve their full sentence, so they can stay at Bastoey. It's usually when they have no one waiting for them outside, nothing to look forward to."
A prison where the inmates would rather stay inside than return to the community? Add to that a low re-offending rate, cheaper running costs and that sounds like a prison where they're doing something right.

I think I need to find a night-class in Norwegian very soon...
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