Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bark: Why we're all doomed

Abandon all hope ye that enter here...

The First World countries don't need to bother cutting their carbon emissions, because they can just pay Third World countries to do it for them. Apparently. And this isn't an industrialist or George W. Bush saying this, but the UN. The head of the Climate Change committee, no less.

I'm staggered. I really am - I thought the UN was the Babylon 5 of our time - our last, best hope for saving the planet. But to come out with this kind of statement just beggars belief. It's like all the car manufacturers and power generation companies saying "We kill the planet less quickly than our competition! Buy our shit! Feel less guilty!" in their adverts. This isn't a problem we can buy our way out of - not unless we throw a couple of hundred billion quid at Nuclear Fusion reactor research, anyway. Which is never going to happen.

I think I'm going to have to get drunk tonight. Again. It's the only thing stopping me from just hiding in a corner and softly weeping in the dark. I need to find some why of transferring my consciousness to some indestructible form of matter and then fire myself off into space in the vain hope I might find a planet that isn't full of imbeciles.
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