Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bark: Murphy's Laws of Car Ownership #1-#6

  1. By the time you finish all the monthly repayments on your car loan, your car will be worth roughly one quarter of what you have paid for it.

  2. Once you finish all the monthly repayments on your car loan, things will start to break.

  3. Things will always break at the most inconvenient time and place. (Usually Friday night rush hour at the busiest junction in town)

  4. Things will start to break as soon as their warranty has expired. This rule applies doubly if you have taken out an extended warranty.

  5. The validity of your warranty is dependent upon having services performed by the franchise dealer you bought the car from.

  6. Service costs at the franchise dealership will be at least twice that of your local garage for the same parts and labour.

I actually had a fairly painless visit to the garage early this morning to fix a minor problem with my screenwash system - £25 all in, I only had to wait 40 minutes, had free wireless internet access, and they even gave the car a full wash and vacuum. It's the only reason I still take it to the dealership - they always wash the car...
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