Monday, August 27, 2007

Bark: I could use a little encouragement...

Sometimes I really don't understand my girlfriend. We've been going out nearly twelve years, and been living together for just over six, yet there are still moments that make me want to scratch my head in sheer bewilderment.

I know I'm not a particularly easy person to live with, being a sociopathic videogames addict with a predilection for late nights and large quantities of alcohol, so I've been trying to develop my creative and artistic faculties for about the last year or so (because, as we all know, chicks dig artists) - sketching again, writing the odd bits of fiction (which I can sadly never get around to finishing, thanks to my short attention sp... oooh, shiny things!) and the like - my latest project being composing music; just for the sheer hell of seeing if I can do it.

Now, I'm not hugely musically inclined. I can't sing, play any instruments, and it was one of my least favourite classes at school, but if there was one thing I was good at in music lessons (and we're going back nearly 18 years now), it was understanding melody and reading sheet music. So I do a bit of hunting for a bit of PC freeware that will allow me write sheet music and hear back the score in something approximating proper sound, download it and have a bit of an experiment.

I haven't written music for nearly two decades, so I start off with a really simple piano solo in C-minor and 4/4 time, using a very basic repeating 4 note bass line, and a recurring eight bar melody, which is being moved up or down a semi-octave on each repeat (for 4 sets of the melody). Okay, so it's not going to win any Grammy Awards, certainly, but I think it's a perfectly serviceable melody - for a first attempt, at least.

So I play it back for Fleur and she wrinkles her face up like I've just given her a decomposing rat for dinner and says. "It's boring... Have you listened to any Schubert? I think you really should."


That's me, being flabbergasted.


I'm not quite sure how to take this. Is she expecting me to write better melodies than classical composers WHO DEVOTED THEIR WHOLE LIVES TO MUSIC after playing about with a freeware music program on my laptop for an hour? I mean, I know I have the same birthday as Mozart, but isn't that kind of expectation level a little bit high?
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