Friday, August 31, 2007

Bark: D'oh, Selecta

Hell hath no fury like an IT Worker deprived of their chilled chocolatey treats.

Okay, it might not be quite as pithy as the actual (mis)quote, but it's true nonetheless. The vending machine nearest to my desk at work has been broken now for a month. Now that's what I call out of order...

It's become such a ridiculous situation now that some wag in the office (and I emphasize that it's not me) has taped a sweepstake to the front of the machine asking people to lay bets on just how much of the stock will be past its Best Before date by the time the machine is finally fixed.

This hilarity is scant consolation for the fact that if you want to buy a Double Decker after the canteen has closed (and I stopped buying things from the canteen because identical items from the vending machines were cheaper - how does that one work, I wonder?), you have to walk the length of the entire building to get to the one remaining vending machine I have access to in the building (some sections are secured, due to the nature of the work being done). So while this may theoretically be more healthy for you (as you burn more calories on the round trip to and from your desk) if you're eating chocolate in the middle of the day, you're not hugely concerned about the health benefits of exercise.

I'm taking the view that I'm going to stop using the vending machines altogether, and have bought a bottle of water that I simply refill from the water cooler. I doubt it will help me lose weight, as I expect I will get the calories elsewhere (probably via something alcohol-related in the evenings), but at least I get the feelgood factor of not giving money to a company that appears that it doesn't give a damn about its customers; while chilled water may be more boring than Pepsi Max, it is free...
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