Monday, July 16, 2007

Byte: Warriors are rubbish

Seriously, I don't know why I bother. I've got a Warrior alt on my WoW server, and frankly, she's rubbish. Warriors can't solo, their crit rate is terrible (at least when you're used to 30%-plus as a high level Feral Druid), they're desperately limited in PvP (especially one-on-one) and I've pretty much hit the wall in terms of Mining and Blacksmithing. I was only playing with her last night because I've got another 4600 gold to scrape up before I can afford my Epic Flying Mount, and that's too hideous to contemplate at the moment...

So I think Karrina is either going to get summarily deleted, or will just continue to languish at level 34, like she has for the last six months or more. Yonn, my Hunter, is far more interesting to play. Plus, ph34r Yonn's animal companion! He may look sweet and harmless there, but he'll have your spleen. For breakfast. With HP Sauce.

I just wish that my alts weren't in the 30-40 level wilderness. There must be so many people who've abandoned WoW accounts because the game just makes it so hard to get from level 30 to 40. The quest areas all suck, and it's tough to grind through levels, because you'll still get people ganking in places like Stranglethorn Vale and Duskwood. Desolace is a bit quieter, but as the name implies, it's deathly dull graphically. When Blizzard release the next expansion pack (as I'm sure they will, sooner or later) they desperately need to introduce another couple of mid-level areas, because it's such a disincentive to starting new characters, having to trawl through all those dire quests until things start getting interesting again post-level 40. I suppose I just grind a few mid-level instances, like the Scarlet Monastery or Gnomeregan, but I rarely have the time for that these days. Perhaps a better plan would just be to solo them with Shareth and give Yonn any good loot. Though then he wouldn't get any of the experience points, so it's almost back to square one... actually - soloing a few of Azeroth instances sounds like a plan. It probably wouldn't be as lucrative as grinding Primal Water in Skettis, or Primal Fire in Shadowmoon Valley, but at least you can't get ganked in an instance... and fully twinking out Yonn would be a bonus.
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