Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Byte: The Completist's Curse

I was playing more WoW last night, being highly productive and doing fabulously interesting things. Yes, I was raising my Fishing skill...

Fishing has got to be the single most tedious thing you can do for so little reward in WoW. But Fishing is my only secondary skill that I hadn't raised to Artisan or beyond (barring Riding of course, but I need another four and a half thousand gold to be able to do that). And like any good completist, it pains me to have a skill lagging behind the others. All my other secondary skills and professions are beyond the 350 mark now, so having Fishing lingering behind at a paltry 216 skill was really a poor show.

Of course, you need to do a quest that has you flitting around both continents of Azeroth to be able to get the Artisan Fishing Training as a reward, so the whole thing took pretty much all night. Though at least I did get to mercilessly gank a couple of mid-40s Hordies in Strangethorn Vale around the arena who were making a nuisance of themselves with the local level 30 Alliance twinks. Nice to be the big fish in the pond for once...

The only reason I want to get my fishing skill past 300 at all is so that I can catch Furious Crawdads which I can then boil to top out the last dozen or so points of my Cooking Skill. And you can only catch those if you've topped out your Fishing skill. So the game isn't designed to ensnare obsessive-compulsive completists with number fetishes at all. Daaaamn.
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