Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bark: No-one said terrorists were smart

I got home from doing some shopping in Guildford yesterday (where I bought the first two series of House on DVD for a grand total of £30) to find the attack on Glasgow Airport plastered hysterically over the news.

The first thing that struck me was the utter ineptitude of the attack. Now, correct me if I'm wrong here, but when you build car bombs, isn't the idea that they should actually blow up? Secondly, if you're a terrorist, the idea is that you should go after soft targets. So why the fuck did they attack Glasgow Airport? The "airport" part, fine. I can understand why you'd want to attack an airport, but in Glasgow?

I'm Glaswegian myself, so I know that Glasgow's hard-edged reputation is well-earned. The paternal side of my extended family still reside in a fairly deprived area of Glasgow. When we were last there, for my Grandmother's funeral, the car we drove up in had its window smashed and car stereo nicked within an hour, because the resident thieves knew that it wasn't "local"... So of all the places in the UK, Glasgow is not somewhere you'd really want to stage a botched terrorist attack, because the locals are more likely to punch you in the face than run away screaming. As the stupid bastards found out yesterday.

You've got to feel sorry for them really. They get all pumped up and psyched about being martyrs, only to fuck it up completely. Surely the shame of that will keep them out of paradise forever. It also seems to disprove Dan McNinja's theory that they can't catch you if you're on fire. Though maybe ninjas aren't Glaswegian, or they simply don't have pepper spray...
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