Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Why am I surrounded by incompetents? You would have thought that if all your job entailed was filling up vending machines, you would at least take enough pride in your work to be able to put in the bottles of fizzy pop upright, so they don't get stuck in the delivery mechanism, causing the machine to go out of order, causing me to have to eat my brie and bacon baguette WITHOUT MY LUNCHTIME BOTTLE OF PEPSI MAX. I can't even buy a bottle from the canteen, because they cost 10p more than THE EXACT SAME THING FROM THE VENDING MACHINE and they're not even chilled, because the fridge is broken and it will take six months for the catering subcontractor to bother to arrange for it to be repaired. Seriously - I was chatting to one of the canteen staff, and it took the company NINE MONTHS to replace one of the canteen ovens. You know, what they're supposed to COOK ALL THE HOT MEALS WITH...

What's the world coming to when even a cold bottle of fizzy pop is too much to ask for?
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