Thursday, June 21, 2007

Byte: Moving swiftly on...

The Manhunt 2 saga continues to rumble on, on internet gaming forums just about everywhere, but I'm so sick of it now, I'm not going to say any more than what I posted on the NTSC-UK forum yesterday. Much more amusing was the punning thread about the advertising standards authority banning the re-showing of the "Go to work on an egg" adverts. I chickened out (hah!) after four pages of dreadful egg puns, but somehow they've managed to stretch it out to an astonishing ten pages overnight...

In the continuing absence of any new releases on PC that I want to play, and my EVE Online trial petering out with a resounding "meh", I'm replaying KotOR for the umpteenth time. Only this time, I've been looking for mods to spice the game up a little. The most interesting ones of these are the Padawan mods, which allow you to play as a Jedi from the start - some of which allow you to skip the tutorial on the Endar Spire, or even skip Taris entirely. Arguably the best of these is the original Padawan mod, as it doesn't overpower the player relative to the NPCs in Taris, since you only get given a short lightsaber, which does an equivalent amount of damage to most of the early vibroblades (or less, even, to take into account that you can deflect blaster fire from the start of the game now).

Slightly more lamentable are things like The Bastila Improvement Project mod, which essentially just gives her larger breasts. I believe this is what they call "fan service"... Much like the playable Twi'lek mods for KotOR 2.

The existence of a Peragus-skipping mod for KotOR 2 pleases me more, however. Especially since it doles out a lightsaber for you immediately, rather than making you wait until kingdom come before you can make one for yourself... I'll be trying that one out tonight.
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