Monday, June 25, 2007

Byte: Cat - away. Mice - playing.

My girlfriend is off for the week, helping supervise a school-trip to Paris and Futuroscope, meaning that I'm left home alone (again) for gaming, drinking and other assorted debauchery.

The mouse (i.e. me) is currently playing Metroid Prime Pinball on the DS, which is devilishly addictive. My copy of Puzzle Quest should also be arriving sometime this week, which should help keep me occupied in the lonely evenings this week, and also next week, when I go up to Scotland to do Site Acceptance Testing in Kinloss.

One thing that caught my eye at the weekend when I was shopping in Guildford was that Simbin have released a Caterham expansion for Race. At the whopping price of $6 (including sales tax), I promptly downloaded it from Steam. That works out to around £3, which is a bargain, really. You get three versions of the Caterham 7 - with 200, 260 and 320bhp respectively, plus two new tracks, Imola and Estoril.

The Caterham's are great fun to drive. The 320bhp version is a real handful - I dread to think what its power-to-weight ratio is. It's awesome chucking it around Macau, with concrete walls just waiting to gobble you up if you let the back end step out just a little bit too much. Nice to see that Simbin have been working on the 3D engine a little since I played it last, too. All the rendering bugs seem to have cleaned up, and I'm getting stunning frame rates, even with the anti-aliasing stuck on at full-whack. I think I'll be doing some serious car setup tuning in the rest of the evenings this week...
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