Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bark: This boy is good.

Staying up late tonight to watch the Canadian Grand Prix highlights, and for very good reason.

I know Lewis Hamilton happens to be blessed with having his debut season driving the car that's the class of the field, but if you judge drivers against their teammates, then you've got to say, this boy is good - very good. I've been watching Grand Prix racing since 1986, and other than Michael Schumacher, I've never seen another driver have so much of an instant impact on Formula One. I initially had my doubts about how good he was - you don't win World Championships by coming second - but winning a Grand Prix in your first six race starts and never having finished off the podium, holy cow, you've got to say he's in with a decent shout of winning the championship this year. Good on you, Lewis - enjoy the moment while you can, because just ask Jenson Button how quickly you can go from being a media darling to a relative nobody...

The race today was also notable not just for Hamilton's win, but also for being one of the most interrupted races I can remember (which makes Hamilton's maiden win all the more impressive, really) - all the best to Robert Kubica, who had one of the most spectacular F1 crashes I've seen in years.

I hope the leg mends soon and we see you back in the cockpit before too long...
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