Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bark: They spent £400,000 of taxpayer's money on *that*?

Urgh. I really don't like the logo for the 2012 Olympics that they unveiled yesterday. It looks like it was designed by a committee of five year old ADHD kids on LSD. It gives me a headache just looking at it. I look at it and see radioactive cat sick.

And what's all this bullshit about "brands"? Whatever happened to Citius, Altius, Fortius? I thought that the Olympics were meant to be about striving to achieve greater athletic feats, not creating an "edgy brand" to package and sell at the highest price - London rates, of course... This is what Tony Blair had to say of the logo:
When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life

Sure, when I see it, I'm inspired to make a positive change in my life - that is, to GET THE HELL OUT OF BRITAIN.
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