Monday, June 04, 2007

Bark: Neighbours from Heck

If you're familiar with the Dilbert cartoons, you'll know that Heck is a realm that's superficially similar to Hell, but rather milder; that is, annoying, rather than outright torturous.

Today we get rid of our Neighbours from Heck that live in the flat above ours, and good bloody riddance, I say. I could say innumerable cruel and defamatory things about them, but let's just stick to a few facts that can't get me sued for slander. One, they had bedsheets with pink hearts on them. CLASSY. Two, they used to chase each other around the flat screaming like five year old girls. MATURE. Three, when they had sex (which was often), the noise would wake the dead. ZOMBIETASTIC!

Please, let the new tenants be young professionals in their late twenties who don't stay up until 2am every night listening to shite music and wake at 6am for a long, loud screw before work in the morning, but would rather have a quiet night in, sitting down infront of the TV with a nice cup of tea and a chocolate digestive...
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