Friday, June 22, 2007

Bark: Idiotdriverwatch - Day 5

Fate continues to try and make people crash into my car...

Yesterday, at the main junction between the A30 and the A325 in Blackwater, I'm pulling away from the lights when a dozy bint in a Proton saloon decides that she wants to move lanes and simply occupy the space my car (which is fully alongside her's) is taking. She's utterly oblivious to the fact that I'm there - she doesn't even look to see if it's safe or not, and she certainly doesn't indicate. It's just as well that I have another lane I can duck into, because the first clue she would have had that I was there would have been the screeching of metal.

This morning, I'm turning right at a roundabout, and the neanderthal in the white van in the road opposite mine, seeing that the car in the road to his right has stopped to let me pass, decides that he can drive onto the roundabout, despite the fact that I'm within six feet of him - forcing me to cut through part of the centre of the roundabout to navigate around the front of his van, because his tiny little brain can't grasp the concept of "give way".

Fucking imbeciles.
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