Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bark: Iain in: Wacky French 3D Action-Adventure Dreams!

Dreams are great. Which makes it somewhat unfortunate that the memory of them is always so elusive and intangible. They slip away like a ninja in the shadows: you suspect something was there, but you can't be certain of the details.

I dream pretty vividly and I'm very lucky in that I often dream lucidly, which allows me to manipulate the dream, particularly as I tend to dream in real-time, so things can get pretty wild. I really must start keeping a proper dream diary, because the details of what happen in my dreams usually slip away quite quickly. To try and aid my dream recall, I'm going to make parallels between videogame genres and the content of my dreams. This might sound utterly bonkers, but wait...

Last night the genre was most definitely Wacky French 3D Action-Adventure.

I distinctly recall doing several bizarre things, such as dealing roulette to Daleks in the casino I used to work at and driving through a supermarket and then down a huge staircase in a modified Mini Cooper (the body old style), where the rear wheels had been replaced by the kind you get on shopping trolleys. I also remember that the Martha to my Doctor for these wacky japes was none other than Tom Francis. We were also playing poker at some point as well, but I can't quite remember the context. But it was WACKY.

I think I should check the water supply for psychotropic drugs....
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