Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bark: Feelgood factor

I tend not to blog about work so much, for obvious reasons, but it's days like today when I can really feel good about the work I do.

I think everyone wants to be able to see that their work has a purpose; that it makes a tangible, positive difference to peoples lives. So it's very gratifying to read stories like this, because I help maintain and develop the command and control system that assigns and sorties the SAR helicopters to incidents like this. I even know the RAF spokesman quoted on the website. I'll be seeing him next week when I'm going up to Kinloss to site test the next software upgrade.

It hits you even harder when you're intimately acquianted with the region that's being so badly hit. I used to live and work in Sheffield, so it's amazing to think that parts of the city are akin to a war zone. When I used to live in High Green, I used to drive past Hillsborough every day to go to work - and now it's more like a super-sized olympic swimming pool than a football stadium. Pretty crazy stuff.
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