Friday, June 08, 2007

Bark: Bunfight

I'm loving the bunfight that's kicking off about Paris Hilton's shock, totally unexpected* early release from prison. So now she's got to spend forty days being confined under house arrest in a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion... it must be sheer HELL.

I'm sure even a poor little rich girl could have managed a mere 23 days in prison. To prove the point, I'm going to recreate prison conditions using Sims 2 and make her (or at least her avatar) serve her time and pay her debt to society. I'm going to call this little exercise the Sims Hilton Incarceration Test, or SHIT. Hey, if picking the acronym first and finding the words later works for the US Army, it'll do for me too, m'kay?

Of course, all I'm going to do is put her avatar in a four-walled cell with no doors and see how long it takes her to die, taking screenshots and documenting her demise along the way for your delectation. But hey, just having the words "Paris Hilton" on my blog should give me a few more much-needed hits... so what the hell.

*This called SARCASM, overly-literal internet users!
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