Monday, May 14, 2007

Byte: What have I done?

I re-subbed to WoW for another three months this weekend. It's all Ubisoft's fault for not releasing Crysis this quarter, of course. I put a couple of levels on my Draenei Shaman on Sunday, getting the inevitable "U R level 13 and mounted... how?" question from level 7 characters on Azure Isle when I did the superbly named Kessel Run quest, which allows you to tromp around on an epic Elekk for fifteen minutes. Screenshots will be going up later on Flickr, no doubt.

I also finally found a copy of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door to play on my Wii, in the continuing absence of Metroid Prime 3 and just about any other decent game this side of September - hurrah for backwards compatibility! - and even though I haven't put much time into it yet, it's pretty enchanting stuff. The design aesthetic is what made me want to buy it - well, that and Mr Cobbett telling me several times how good it is - and the 2D paper characters in a 3D game world work surprisingly well. I'm not sure whether I'll make it through all 50 hours of it anytime soon, especially having re-subbed to WoW, but it's nice to have it there for a change of pace, as it's slightly more genteel than the stuff I've been playing recently.
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