Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bark: I ain't got time to feed.

Paintballing is one of those things that I've never quite gotten around to trying, despite the fact that I'd probably enjoy it a lot and people at work occasionally arrange paintballing trips that I'm usually far too busy to go on. Watching things like Spaced puts me off trying it, however, because you just know that you're always going to have some nutter on your team who's going to take it far too seriously, because he was in the Territorial Army for three weeks, about fifteen years ago.

And there's no way I'd want to spend all day with people like that if I only had one of those crappy little gravity-fed guns that can only shoot a couple of rounds a second. I'd want one of these babies to really lay the smacketh down... (Quicktime required for the rather impressive video)
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