Friday, April 13, 2007

Byte: Ode to fun

With practically nothing else out worth playing at the moment (unless you happen to be a C&C fan - which I'm not), the discerning PC gamer currently seems to be playing Peggle, and after much prompting from Mr Cobbett, I've been making the most of my two free hour's worth of play (one demo download giving and hour each on two separate machines) and I have to say, it really is a charming little game. It would be easy to describe it dismissively as a variation on a theme of Puzzle Bobble, but there's quite a bit more depth to it than that, and some of the level design is lovely and really makes you think about how the ball will react when you launch it. At the dollar equivalent of a tenner on Steam, it's definitely worth picking up - especially considering how it's otherwise £15 should you buy it direct from Popcap's UK website. Not sure how they worked that exchange rate out...

Peggle is one of the best types of puzzle game - easy to pick up the basic principles of how to play, but hard to master - much like Tetris and Meteos, not only in the initial simplicity of the gameplay, but the hidden depth and level of satisfaction when you truly get to grips with it. And like all these kinds of game, it's perilously addictive and the presentation is first rate - not least with the disproportionately spectacular fanfare that greets the successful completion of a level, accompanied by possibly the most brilliantly inappropriate use of Ode to Joy from Beethoven's Ninth since A Clockwork Orange, or perhaps that Berlitz advert with the German Coast Guard.

Try it, then buy it. You know it makes sense.
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