Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Byte: Multitedia

In the words of the great Iggy Pop, I'm bored. I'm the chairman of the bored.

I've really been in a strange mood this last couple of weeks. I don't know if it's because I've stopped playing WoW, because I've been stressed by this whole episode with the shower going kaput or just some kind of general malaise related to drinking too much and sleeping too little, but I've been struck by a sense of listlessness and boredom that not even a run through of Half-Life 2: Episode One has managed to shift. The traditional post-Christmas release lull just isn't funny anymore - there's literally nothing coming out that I want to play for a couple of months, and I can only replay Half-Life 2 so many times before even that bores me to death. Non-gaming media is little better. There's bugger all on TV these days, I've run out of Scrubs episodes to watch, BSG series 3 doesn't hit DVD for another few months and the internet (barring Wikipedia) is just so dull. I might actually be forced to read books if things carry on like this. (Not that this is inherently a bad thing, you understand - it's just usually I like to read when I'm on holiday and can devote a huge amount of time to it)

In desperation for something mildly gripping to do, I tried reinstalling Deus Ex last night, though that seems to take exception to my new PC being so damn fast and gives me a saggy framerate (as does the original Unreal Tournament - must be something to do with the engine). It does appear to run nicely on my laptop, however, so at least that's something - though gaming on the lapdog isn't ideal. I'll have to dig out some old save game files I backed up onto CD a year or two back however, because I don't think I could survive yet another run through of the initial New York levels. I must have sorted out the NSF a dozen times by now... I'm sure I've got a couple of Area 51 save games stashed away somewhere. I'll have to hunt them down and finally finish the damn thing.

I have been having a bit of fun with UT2004, but contrariwise to the original UT, UT2004's engine loves my new rig so much that the frame rate is pushing way past three figures and the bots are lightning fast, making the game a struggle if the AI is set anything above Adept. The Flak Cannon and the Lightning Gun are as gorgeous as I'd remembered them to be and the graphics still stand up pretty well by modern standards. I need to find a few people to play it with online though, as the thought of going onto a public server this long after the game's release is particularly horrifying. I'll have to have a look at some of the many UT2004 mods that are knocking about, too. Feel free to recommend some in the comments.

In other news, today is going to be an expensive day. My coupĂ©'s in for its 60k service, which isn't going to be cheap - especially as it needs four new tyres at £100+ a throw. I briefly flirted with the idea of ordering a new TV today as well, because once things get past four figures, what difference does it make? In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. Much to my credit card's relief, I didn't quite get around to it - it's going to take enough of a hammering today as it is. Still, at least this means that I'll finally be able to drive up to see my parents and deliver them my old PC to trade for their crappy old laptop, upon which I'm going to install Ubuntu and use for mobile writing and surfing purposes.

Speaking of writing, I suppose I could use this lull to actually make some headway with the short stories I've been meaning to write for... oooh, about three years now. But it's just so much easier to procastinate. Maybe if I get REALLY desperate... *sighs*
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