Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bark/Byte: Home alone

You'd think that being home alone with my girlfriend away visiting her parents in France would be a fabulous opportunity to relive my bachelor days, with all night gaming, drinking and otherwise debauched behaviour. You'd be wrong though, because I'm bored beyond belief.

There's very little I want to play around at the moment - even WoW is losing some of its lustre since I hit the level cap. I haven't given up on it completely, but I think I'm going to be devoting more time to my alt than my main in the next few weeks until I can work up the motivation to do some raiding. I do have a review copy of Silent Hunter 4 to play, and it appears to be an improvement over the last one (thanks mainly to a return to the Pacific theatre), but other than playing it to get the review out of the way, I can't see myself wanting to devote a whole lot of time beyond that to it. Simulations are great and all, but they're bloody time consuming.

In my desperation I even reinstalled Far Cry last night to see how it looked on my new rig. The answer: not as pretty as I remember it. There were rendering bugs everywhere, and the shadows didn't seem to want to work at all, just appearing as huge black patches on the ground. I'll have to patch it and see if it improves any. Though I can't see myself playing it beyond my traditional giving up point - where they introduce the bullet-sponge Trigens.

Jedi Academy will get its usual six-monthly run through, to fulfil my Stormtrooper dismembering needs and I may try Neverwinter Nights 2 again - trying *really hard* to like it this time. Maybe the intervening patches between when I reviewed it and now have improved the experience a little. No more weasels with waraxes, please...

Mostly though, I'm missing actually having someone else around in the flat. Now that I've cleaned everything up after Sunday night's calamity (having gotten through several scented candles and a pack of incense to get rid of the smell) and I'm not so busy scurrying around, the place feels really empty, and there's only so much empty space in a man's soul that can be filled up with computer games and bottles of Baltika... Tiredness and loneliness is not a good combination - last night I contrived to rub some chilli from the Nasi Goreng I made last night into my eye - despite the fact I'd washed my hands twice and knew full well that I'd put a lot of chilli in the dish. It's not been a great week, in all honesty. Though at least I have a disk of The Simpsons to watch from our DVD mailing list...
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