Monday, March 19, 2007

Byte: Windows Media Player is rubbish

Since I changed roles at work, I do all my development now on a secure network, so my laptop has been relegated from the status of doing actual work to that of a glorified MP3 player.

I have over 100 CDs ripped to my hard drive, giving me something like 84 hours worth of music to listen to, so theoretically, I could go through two whole working weeks without ever listening to the same track twice. Unfortunately, when you give Windows Media Player more than a dozen or so tracks to play (say in your "All Music" view, the "Shuffle" routine goes completely to hell. It picks about half a dozen albums and plays the same two songs off each album every time. And that's "shuffle", apparently.

Suggest me a decent open-source freeware media player that isn't ridden with privacy-snooping malware, please readers...
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