Thursday, March 15, 2007

Byte: Je ding

Je ding

After twenty-two days, twenty-three hours, Shareth finally reaches the level cap. It's hard to describe the feeling of what hitting level 70 was like. A mix of horror and pride, mainly. Horror in that how could I possibly justify spending 550 hours of my life playing a single game (and that doesn't even account for the several scores of hours I've put into my other avatars), but pride in that I genuinely feel like I've accomplished something. Immediately after that screenshot was taken, I dashed across the keep to purchase my flying mount (screenshots to come). I plumped for the Ebon Gryphon, basically because I think it's the prettiest of the three. I did debate whether it was really worth the 100g, since the initial flying mounts are only as fast as a Druid's flight form, but since I have a Riding Crop to give me an extra 10% mount speed, I splurged out. Especially since I knew that the Rare Jewelcrafting recipe I'd found earlier in the evening would pay for it. Besides, having a flying mount is as much about having one as a status symbol as anything else. Not having to fork out 10 silver per leg on the flight routes in Outland is simply a bonus.

Raising the 5200 gold it will take to buy and train to ride a swift gryphon, however, will take *quite* some time. But there's no rush... it's going to be interesting to see how my attitude to playing the game changes now that I'm not chasing the level cap anymore. This is a new experience for me - as I never did hit the old level cap at level 60 (58 was as close as I ever got, literally an hour or two before they raised it to 70) - so I'm approaching this new phase of the game with as much trepidation and excitement as all those long-time level 60s approached Outland in the middle of January. It seemed like such a distant prospect two years ago that I always wondered what I would do when I reached the top of the WoW level tree. Now I'm going to actually find out...
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